Armored Attacker 1945 05 26 nr 05 (PDF)



SS Major Kills Self In PWE – Dr. Karl Georg Claus committed atrocities in Lublin, Poland ….. It Happened It Says Here; Capt. William H. Collins from New Rochelle, N.Y. ….. Now It Can Be Told: Officers’ Escape From Jersey Was Spectacular and Daring; Isle of Jersey escape by two former members of 6th Armored Division, Capt. Edward R. Clark and 1st. Lt. George C. Haas, Jr., John R.H. Townley ….. 225 Division Soldiers Leave With Initial Group For USA Under Re-Deployment Plan ….. French General Koeltz presenting Maj. Gen. Robert W. Grow with “Legion d’Honneur au Grade d’Officer and Croix de Guerre avec Palme” ….. Many Spectacular Events Mark Wars’ End For Sixth by Cpl Charles A. Klein ….. Pictorial Record Of Russian Junction Reveals Formality And Fun; Brig. General George W. Read, Jr. at hotel in Rochlitz; Mittweida; Edwin W. Pasternak, Charles Froelicher, Frederick A. Praeger, Glen C. McBride, Charles Rinka ….. Finish Of War Inspires Captain To Write Poem; Frederick Kef, for ….. Touchy Subjects: Richard Gillett, Francis J. Kotoski, Bud Funk ….. Former Name Band Saxaphone Player Heads 128th Show; Lt. Maurice Lopez ….. Letters Reveal Pride Men Have In 6th Division; Lt. Col. Frank K. Britton ….. Shrapnel; Reunion In Germany – John Kronenberg from Dusseldorf; Intensive Operations – 128th Ordnance Maintenance Bn. Capt. Boyd T. Johns; Handy Airport – S/Sgt. Howley Marsh ….. Division Organizes Major Athletic Program; Harold F. Keller ….. Charles W. Rinka ….. GI Gets OCS News In Nick Of Time – John L. Olow III, James K. Park ….. Memorial Service Held By Four Division Units; Chaplain Charles C. Pitts ….. Gen. Grow Heads List of 36 Awarded Medals by French