Armored Attacker 1945 05 05 nr 04 (PDF)



21,000 Prisoners Are Liberated By Division At Buchenwald; Infantry Overruns Camp; Many Atrocities Revealed; Charles Davidson, Beaumont, Texas and Edmund Coates, Boston, Mass. ….. Four 9th AIB Doughs Find Buchenwald, Weimar; Capt. Frederic Keffer, Herbert Gottschalk, Harry Ward, James Hoyt ….. Oberdorla ….. Own Men Freed By 50th After Squad Caught; Albert N. Ward, Chester Kneller, Carl Kovack ….. Radio Repairmen Kept Very Busy; 146th Armd. Sig. Co.; Joseph H. DePaul, Otto Miller, Billy Crawford, John Curley, Harold Jones, William McCampbell, William Byrne ….. Introducing… Our Men In The Field; Lt. Col. Ralph H. McKee, T/5 James W. Pye of 68th Tank Battalion ….. Shrapnel; Pitt Reunion – William Karras; Meets Liberated Brother – Pfc. Gilbert B. Zbansnik of 106th Infantry Division; Walter E. Haas of 603rd TD Bn., Visits Wife’s Ex-Home – Pvt. Rudolph Gross; 88 Misses Blouse – 1st Lt. Francis J. Haggerty and Carl D. Arnold; Climbs Rank Ladder – Wilmer T. Jones ….. This German Civilian Has Much To Learn – Ralph Siewers ….. Divardy Trio Nab 20 Jerries – James R. Burk, Hubert D. Butcher, Leroy G. Grob ….. 33German Guns KO’d By 212th Artillerymen; town of Nissna, Lt. Thomas N. Blake, of Asheville, N.C. with Gosta E. Falkman, John W. Newman, Leroy M. Rothrock, David L. Adwell ….. 100,000 Rounds Fired By 212th; Lt. Col. Philip H. Pope, James A. Morency ….. Arriving In Hometown Was Peak Of Peake’s Furlough; Donald C. Peake ….. 50th Commander Lauds Men Of Wire Section; Carl B. Perry of Nacogdoches, Texas; Clair O. Parsons; Wendehausen, Gros-Burchla; Caldwell Hulse, Jack C. Turner, Charles V. Stroup ….. Paris, Brussels, Riviera, Wngland Included In Division Pass Program; Arthur Momenee ….. 68th Corporal Dodges Sniper; Bernard Ramsay, Paul A. Warp, James Knott ….. Nazi Ack-Ack Silenced By 231st Artillery Crew – Joseph H. Tableman, Arthur A. Marston ….. Many Obstacles Encountered In Pursuit Of German Major; George Fry ,