Armored Attacker 1945 04 14 nr 03 (PDF)



Division Sets Pace; 300 Villages Captured; Many Prisoners Freed In 125-Mile Advance ….. Figures Show Greatness Of Sixth’s Drive ….. General Grow, Two Doughboys Awarded DSC; Herbert S. Latimer, Henry T. Ebersole ….. Nazi NCO’s Fail In Final Exams ….. 900 Women Are Liberated From Concentration Camp near Homberg ….. Circulation Note ….. Java And Sinkers Ordered At Airport, Jerome R. Tichy from Forest Hills, Long Island; Eschwege ….. 50th Inf. Doughs Raise Much Havoc; Muhlhausen ….. “Show Me” Battalion Shows “Show Me” Reporter How It’s Done ….. The Champ Is Dead – Franklin Delano Roosevelt ….. Sheapnel; Lt. Edward P. Kane from Staten Island, N.Y. ….. Chaplain Bags PW’s – Homer Millford, Owasse, Wisconsin with Sgt. Ernest Tente from Ashland ….. Introducing… Our Men In The Field; Pfc. Alfred Jones of Jersey City, New Jersey; 25th Armored Engineer Battalion; 1st. Lt. Wilmer T. Jones of Waynesburg, Kentucky ….. Uncle Meets Nephew; Americo J. De Filippo, Newark, N.J.; Gerald Malanga ….. Admin Center Scores – Robert D. Siard ….. Tiger Tank Rams Rear of Sherman – John M. Keith of Hillsboro, Wisc., Albert J. McNamee, Clarence E. White, Lewisburg, Ky., Emanuel Brookman of San Francisco; Herman H. Beamer of Wabash, Ind.; Everett R. Baillieul of Springfield, Mass. and Venceslado Ortiz, Dalia, New Mexico; Frederick Keffer, Spokane, Wash.; Paul C. Root ….. Officer’s Helmet Pierced By Shell – 1st. Lt. Oscar H. Rundquist, Troop B, 86th Cav. Rcn. Sq. ….. Spiritual Guidance; Easter Season Mass, Captain John F. Shea of St. John’s Parish, Butte, Montana ….. 128th FA Shows Reporter What ‘Show Me’ Means; Col. Bruce, Col. Hanson ….. Ne PW Record Made by MP’s ….. Trick Of Week – Lt. James K. Park, Manson, Washington; Lancensalza ….. Luftwaffe Keeps 777th Ack-Ack Busy These Days ….. 100th Enemy Vehicle Clipped by 603rd; Lt. Col. Clarence McCurry ….. United Kingdom Prisoners Gove Division Big Reception; Stalag 9 ….. Nazi Weapon KOED With Nazi Bazooka; Sgt. Anthony S. Thadieo ….. Muhlhausen Is Entered On Six Roads; City Taken Before DSO Can Telephone Orders ….. Nazi Division Deactivated When Caught by 69th; Capt. Walter L. Barnes, Columbia, Mo. ….. 231st Seizes Airport With 105’s As Ack-Ack ….. Janis Page