Armored Attacker 1945 03 31 nr 02 (PDF)



Sixth Enters Frankfurt; 9th Infantry Doughs Charge City After LaGrew Gets Bridge; correspondent Toby Wiant; Colonel Albert Harris’s Combat Command

Linkups Are 6th Specialty

Division Spearheads Drive Of 7th Army To Banks Of Rhine; Worms, Rhein Durkheim, 15th Tank Battalion, Col. John L. Hines, Lt. Col. Frank K. Britton, Lt. Michael R. Alexander, Capt. Alden Berg from Hawley, Minn.

Der Fuehrer Will Be Angry

Recon. Troop Gets Pillboxes, Towns, Nazis; 86th Reconnaissance Battalion, Capt. Jimmie H. Bridges from Stuckey, Georgia

Gen. Millikin Praises Sixth, Ardennes Salient

Civilians Told To Show Flags; Correspondent Bob Myers, T/5 Jean Bessette, Lyndonville, Vt., Niederrad, Lt. Col. Frank K. Britton

Beaucoup Prisoners, 44th Armored Infantry

Turnabout Is Fair Play ; photo by Lapine, two Red Cross Clubmobile sisters: Jane and Grace Burdge with former students T/Sgt. Burton Melcher and George Teufel, all from Canton, Ohio

Bulge Reunion – S/Sgt. Jack Burch, Miami, Fla., Pvt. Eugene Buckalew, Beaumont, Tex.

Ordnance Men Lauded – 128th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion

Long Winded History – M/Sgt. James R. Marcum

Plenty Confused – Major Edward Downs, Arhens, Ga., Sgt. Charles Little, Lincolnton, N.C., Cpl. Joe Bytnar, Yorkville, Ohio, Cpl. Henry D. Blume, Denmark, S.C.


Our Men In The Field: Col. Glen C. McBride and S/Sgt. Arlis Priest

Enviable Record Set By Sixth In Combat;

Bridge Saved: Lt. Daniel L. Nutter, Waukesha, Wis., and T/5 Charles Cunningham, Columbus, Ohio

6th Spearheads Seventh Army To Rhine River; Col. Harry F. Hanson, Elgin, Ill., Maj. Walter G. Smith, Ada, Okla.,

Photo – Chow Time on the Siegfried Line

Tankers Praise Doughboys For Battle Action – 69th Tank Battalion, Hill 510, 69th Tankers Get Nazi Ack-Ack Guns – Capt. John C. Honea, Jr. Kilgore, Texas, Cpl. Robert Saturday, Tannersville, N.Y., Cpl. Seward Osborne, Hunter, N.Y., Pfc. Robert Stowers, Bluefield, Va.

Four Ordnance Men Get Soldiers Medals: Pvt. Anthony V. Mastroianni of Carlstadt, N.J., S/Sgt. Charles R. Burke, Detroit, Mich., S/Sgt. Charles R. McCutcheon of Mount Hope, W. Va., Pfc. Matrhew W. Dabkowski, South River, N.J.,

Nazis Have New System Call Roll And Surrender: Capt. George W. Fry from Princeton, W. Va., Williard P. Chaffin, Ernest P. Langosch, Virgil M. Harold in action near Wetteldorf

“Attacker” band directed by W.O. Carroll W. Thompson of Enid, Okla. (photo)

Men Had Hectic Time Holding Hill 510 OC; S/Sgt. Martin Roth of Detroit, Mich., Cpl. Theodore A. Peterson of Omaha, Nebraska

DSC Awarded to Infantry Sgt. George R. Rimmer