Armored Attacker 1945 03 17 nr 01 (PDF)



Bowl Formation Held, Gen. Robert W. Grow, Chaplain (Maj.) Sylvester J. Baumgart, Chicago; (Lt. Col.) Homer Milford, Osseo, Wis.

Another Milestone On The Road to Victory: photo of sign placed in front of a knocked-out pillbox on the east banks of the Our River in Dasburg, Germany

Watch Awarded to Frenchman: for giving medical aid and hiding an American pilot M. Michael Schroeder, of Arraincourt, France was given engraved gold watch. Presented by Lt. Col. James S. Moncrief, of Sylvania.GA The pilot sheltered was Lt. Walter D. Jensen, Jr., of Chicago. The frenchman protected him until the 68th Tank Battalion liberated the town of Arraincourt

The 6th Aromred Division newspaper was christened ” The Armored Attacker” by Pfc. Robert E. Fry, Coshocton, OH, a member of the 777th AAA bn.

“Maytag Messerschmidts” Very Versatile: Lt. David K. Headley, St. Paul, Minn., and Lt. Curtis, F. Lyckmau, Puyallup, Wash. 50th Armd. Inf. Bn; Lt. Robert W. Houston, Hutchinson, Kan., and Lt. Carl L. Knapp, Lakewood, Ohio; Pilot Headley and Observer Lyckman of the 231st Armd. Field Arty.

Many Units Earn Service Plaques: Lt. Col. Raymond B. Graeves, Jr. SIlver Springs Md.

Mail Call for Jerry; Cpl Bruno Ackerman, NY

PFC. Leonard Kaplan Tank Wolves Chase Tigers: Co. D, 15th Tank Bn. Capt. Stuart D. Nelson, Rockford, Ill.

Voice From ‘Dead” Proves Crew Is Very Much Alive: S/Sgt. Dale R. Cole, of Coal City, W. Va.

Stars for a General: M/Sgt. James R. Marcum, CCB Sergant-Major; Brig. General George W. Read, Jr. Assistent Commander of the 6th Armored Division