Aircraft Warning Volunteer 1944 02 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 9 ……. Cover: The two planes you see flying on this month’s cover are familiar friends to the ground observers of the eastern seaboard. They are members of a family of planes noted for fast flying and furious fighting. You guessed it. They are P-47’s. As guardians of our coastline they present a deadly line of defense. Overseas they are exhibiting daily the qualities which have made them the choice of our defenders. As escorts for our bombers and as the fighters who meet raiders, they have won an important place in history. First Air Force Photograph by Hugelmeyer ……. Contents: Editorial ….. Florida Spots a JU-88 ….. Snowshoe Shift ….. Airplanes Every Volunteer Should Know ….. From the Top of Maine to the Tip of Florida ….. AWS Meetings and Club Activities ….. Review of Aircraft Recognition Test No. 6 ….. Aircraft Warning Vital in British Defense ….. Variety ….. Poetry ….. Aircraft Recognition Test No. 8