Air Op Memo 1945 03 26 nr 73 (PDF)



32 pages

Carrier Action Notes
Navy Planes Strike Tokyo
Randolph and CVG-12 in Action against Tokyo

Night Operations
VPB-33  Hits 197,000 Tons of Jap Shipping
Saratoga Reports on Night Operations
PBJs Score in Night Shipping Attack

Tactics and Operations
ComCarDiv 5 Comments on AA over Tokyo
You Can Hit Your Plane with its Own Guns
Erratic Behavior of 5″ Rockets with 3.25″ Motors

Survival Intelligence
Rescue Subs Tell How They Do It
Dry-Shod Rescue off Tokyo Bay
JATO Saves PBM and Crew of PB4Y
Parachute Fouls on Over-Water Bail-Out
Protection against Sunburn