Air Intelligence Summary 1945 05 27 nr 80 (PDF)



Secret intelligence booklet for United States strategic air forces in Europe. 24 pages, published weekly.


Reports on the Japanese Air Force USSTAF Targets – A Portfolio of Ground Photos from Germany: Panther Tank Assembly Line at Hanover Me-262s destroyed in Obertraubling Me-109 assembly shop in Regensburg FW-190 Factory at Oschersleben V-I Plant at Fallersleben Volkswagen Plant Submarine Shops at Bremen 1st Division strikes Deschimag

Technical Intelligence – Japanese Suicide-Pilot Rocket Flying Bomb; Notes on Late German Aircraft Developments Baka Flying Bomb Details of the “248” Rocket Fighter Interrogation Notes on Several Arado Projects D0-335s Were in Production at Oberpfaffenhofen

German Flak Reports – Captured Documents Describe Batteries’ Action During Eight Air Force Attacks on Merseburg (Halle)

Hitler and the Weatherman

Notes on Japanese Fighers and Tactics