Air Intelligence Summary 1945 04 29 nr 77 (PDF)



Secret intelligence booklet for United States strategic air forces in Europe. 32 pages, published weekly.


German Air Force order of battle

GAF disposition by areas; enemy activity, ground defenses

Prisoner confirms existence of ramming units; Sonderkommando Elbe

Enemy Opposition; photo of Ar-234 in air after pilot bailed out near Bielefeld

Technical intelligence; a Jumo 222 is examined; further notes on the He-162 and other jet aircraft projects (photos)

Photographs of He-162 show Heinkel jet unit (photos found at Weimar airfield)

Notes on other jet planes units: Me-163 developments, JG 400, Erprobungskommando 16

Flying bombs reported converted as fighters

Fighter Gruppe hamstrung by fuel shortage; JG 27

A report on the JAF; an analysis of its strength and capabilities on 1 April, and a summary of activity in March

Situation and capabilities of the JAF

Flak vs. Allied aircraft; captured GAF training document presents appreciation of our air effort and tactics

Schweinfurt, 1945 (photos and text)

Results of allied attacks

Airfield and factories: Neuruppin (photo)

Transportation: Potsdam, Pilsen, Brandenburg, Muhldorf, Straubing, Elsterwerda, Amberg, Pirna, Falkenberg, Rosenheim (photo), Platting (photo), Zwsiesel, Neuruppin, Falkenau, Regensburg, Hildesheim (photo), Dresden, Wustermark, Beroun, Oranienburg, Passau, Iflaching, Klatovy, Aussig, Bronzolo, Landshut, Karlsbad, Freising, Kolin, Traunstein

Naval and military: Heligoland (photos), Ghedi, Bologna, Royan, Spilimbergo, Palmanova Medeuzza

Oil industry: Roudnice

Prisoner describes attacks at Neuburg airfield

Prepared landing strips on Autobahns

Summary of Operations