Air Intelligence Summary 1945 04 15 nr 75 (PDF)


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German Air Force Order of Battle

Goring’s December Order on Flak Restrictions

Me-262 Received Intact; A civilian test pilot flew this new specimen to Frankfurt / Rhein-Main and surrendered it; Hans Fay; plane number 11711

Schwechat-25 Identified as 162, or Volksjager

The He-177 – a GAF Failure

GAF Training Units; prisoner describe operational and transition training in Me-109s, Me-163s, and other types – bomber-to-fighter transition, Fliegerkorps IX, training, tactics training, possible jet training, Me-163 training, IV Erg. JG2, training curriculum, Me-163B bugs, possible Me-262, Italians in 163s

Further Information on Dulag Luft, Oberursel

Enemy Opposition

Frankfurt and Ludwigshafen Photos

Last Month’s Operations; An evaluation of the results of the strategic air campaign in March

Results of Allied Attacks:

Transportaion –  Halle, Graz, Strashof, Bruck, Szombathely, Leipzig, St. Polten (photo), Linz, Wiener Neustadt, Hamburg, Osnabruck (photo), Wilhelmshafen

Naval and Military – Ingolstadt, Molbis, Nordhausen, Kiel

Oil Industry – Buchen, Hitzacker, Merseburg, Ruhland, Zeitz, Vienna / Korneuburg (photo), Harburg Oil Pland (photo)

Industrial Targets – Krummel, Brandenburg, Plauen, Unterluss, Prague, Hanover, Gustrow, Weimar

Airfield and Factories – Furth, Roth, Parchim, Prague / Kbely, Weis, Neuburg, Wesendorf

A Survey of the Airfield Attacks, 21-24 March

Summary of Operations 9-15 April, 1945