Air Intelligence Summary 1945 02 04 nr 65 (PDF)



Topics: ….. German Air Force Order of Battle ….. GAF Dispositions by Areas ….. Enemy Opposition (from 29th January to 4th February)….. German Flak Deployment ….. Enemy AA Under Specific Firing Restrictions ….. More on Jet Plane Bases ( A report on Runways and facilities in Southern and Southeastern Germany)…… Technical Intelligence on Twin-Jet Ar-234 ….. Rocket Projectors and Other GAF Developments ….. Kommandogerat 42, New German AA Predictor ….. Cockpit Covers as a Fighter Production Index ….. Railway Strafing Taking Toll Among Workers ….. Results of Allied Attacks: Neuss, Cologne – Gremberg, Linz, Worms, Kassel, Cologne – Rodenkirchen Bridge, Paderborn, Mannheim, Dumpelfeld, Gemund Railhead, Brux, Sterkrade – Holten, Ludwigshafen – I.G. Farben Nitric Acid Plant, Duisburg – Hamborn, Hanau, Karlsruhe, Giessen ….. Germans Simulate Damaged Bridges
Air Raid Shelters May Have Double Purpose in Berlin
Redemption by Combat in the GAF
Summary of Operations 29 January – 4 February, 1944 – Eight and Fifteenth Air Force