Air Intelligence Summary 1944 11 19 nr 54 (PDF)




Secret intelligence booklet for United States strategic air forces in Europe. 32 pages, published weekly.


German Air Force order of battle

GAF disposition by areas; enemy activity, ground defenses; eight-gun heavy positions

The GAF General Staff; a Luftwaffe Sergeant describes some of its personalities and intrigues

German general reports on Hamburg attacks of 1943

600,000 reported homeless in Cologne

Photo of a Chimney radar installation at Boulogne, IFF array

Radar and radio tracking; H2X radiations are useless for Flak control, but VHF provides enemy much information; Naxos

Notes on new German Flak weapons: single-barreled Flak 43, twin-barreled Flak 43, rocket-flak projector

Photo of a possible A-4 long-range rocket contrail

Enemy planes and equipment; reports on several new aircraft and on an assisted-takeoff rocket; BV-144, Ar-396, Siebel-304, rocket motor (pictures included of solid-rocket motor)

Photo of Me-262 with an engine on fire after an encounter with 8th Air Force P-47s on November 1st

GAF winter airfield serviceability

Upward-firing armament; GAF experiments with rockets and guns for both day and night fighter units; “Geiskanne”: six guns are slung together in a single container on ground-attack planes (photos)

Results of allied attacks; photo of P-47s attack on a train in Germany
Transportation: Forli, Graz, Saarbrucken, Cologne, Ora
Airfield and Factories: Maribor, Munster, Graz / Neudorf (photo included)
Industrial Targets; Essen (photo of Krupps factories), Vienna / Moosbierbaum (damaged Donau Chemie A.G. photo), Milan, Knapsack, Bonn
Oil Industry: Hamburg
Naval and military: Tirpitz

Enemy Opposition (daily reports)

Performance “bugs” of the FW-190 and Me109

Summary of Operations