Air Intelligence Summary 1944 06 04 nr 30 (PDF)



Secret intelligence booklet for United States strategic air forces in Europe.
32 pages


German Air Force Order of Battle

GAF Dispositions by Areas

Enemy Offensive Activity

Ground Defenses

USSTAF Operations

Airfield Identification Markins – the enemy is painting code numbers on ground installations to aid pilots; Zwischenahn

New Enemy Railway Repair Policy

Airborne Jamming Methods – GAF night raiders are now carrying new counter-radar and -radio devices; Kettenhund and Starnberg Gerat

Other Information from Prisoners – Me-153, Anti-Intruder Tactics, Flying Training

Designations of New Enemy Aircraft

New Ju0188 Sub-Type Identified A-2

Reports on New Enemy Equipment – navigation aid, dinghy radio

Results of Allied Attacks: Magdeburg, Ruhland, Woippy, Antwerp, Dessau, Saarbrucken, Merseburg, Dortmund, Konigsborn – tank depot, Bourg Leopold, Leipzig, Ludwigshafen, Politz, Strasburg, Meinau, Dusseldorf, Sttetin, Duisburg, Bohlen, Brux, Berlin, Zeitz, Ploesti, Porto Margera, Spezia

Attacks on Airfields: Nancy, Essey, Avord, Caen, Carpiquet, Orleans, Bricy, Etampes, Mondesir, Beauvais, Tille, Achiet, Cormeilles-en-Vexin, Courtrai, Wevelghem, Brussels, Meisbroek, Lachen, Speyerdorf, Rechlin, Larz, Rennes, St. Jaques, Poix, Tutow, Bretigny, Abbeville, Drucat, Chartres, Evreux, Fauville, St. Brieuc, Dinard, Pleurtuit

Communications: Metz, Aerschot, Mulhouse, Belfort, Liege, Strassburg, Hausbergen, Mannheim, Liege, Monceau-sur-Sambre, Busigny, Poissy, Konz Karthaus, Buchy, Mons, Nantes, Douai, Achen West and Rithe Erde, Rheims, Brussels, Midi, Ludwigshafen, Thionville, Luxemburg, Brussels, Schaerbeek, Gera, Epinal, Vernon, Maisons, La Fitte, Seraing, Hasselt

Fifteenth Air Force: Carnoules, Lyons, Venissieux, Badan, Givors, Vicenza, Nis, Faenza, Orbetello, Piombino, Amberieu

Opposition During May – the enemy continued to follow his policy of “Conservative Defense”.
FW-190 destroyed by P-47

Recent FLAK Developments – how the enemy has solved the problem of meeting our attacks from the South: increased light FLAK in France, aircraft guns in AA role, defense of U-Boat pens, flashless propellants, opening ranges for light FLAK

Mining Brings Danube Traffic to a Halt

Allied Air Forces

Summary of Operations