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YOU’RE IN THE READY ROOM or in the ready tent and the skipper drops in and says – “We’re going to fly up to Zipper Zu at 1500 today and blow up the bicycle factory.” It’s 1330 now and you never heard of Zipper Zu before, let alone the bicycle factory. There are a lot of things you want to know and that minute hand isn’t traveling any slower. You’d certainly like to know where Zipper Zu is. Maybe it’s on some chart you have handy and then again maybe it isn’t. You might be a little curious to know why you’re heading up there to bomb a bicycle factory. A little information on navigation might come in handy, especially if you are going to have to make a surprise attack and keep out of sight of land, or enemy lookouts, or whatnots, on the way up. How about the weather? Cloud coverage for hide-and-seek, weather freaks like williwaws that you didn’t run into back ia Texas, or Florida, or Kansas, or at home. And how about the country you’re going to fly over, or the islands you may sight? Is it hilly, flat, mountainous, wooded, wet, dry, healthy, malarial, and where can a pilot find friends? That will be mighty important if you have to set down around there. And it can be mighty helpful in navigating too – like taking the first road to the right after passing the church down by the river. Rivers and mountains and towns and plantations and railroad tracks, you know what they did for you on your first cross-country flight! You can’t make any mistakes now, so it’s a good idea to get those signposts fixed in your mind. That’s a lot of dope to pick up in the little time you have available. Of course, you know a lot of it in a general way, but you may be in a new sector or maybe some later information has come in. You’d give plenty to know someone who had worked it out and had the latest word and could help you. Well, he’s right there – the Air Combat Information officer. ….. INFORMATION PLEASE – That’s the job of the Air Combat Information officer and he’s trained to do it. He’s there to do that part of the work for you so you can concentrate on the job of flying and fighting.