AIR FORCE 1945 11 (PDF)




52 pages

The AAF Inside Japan – How airpower led the surrender parade into defeated Tokyo

Superfort Samaritans – For our POWs in Japan, this job by the B-29s meant life anew

Death March Medic – Disease and death walked with these airmen through Germany

AAF Mechs Prepare for Peace – Picture story of mechanics training for future CAA certificates

Signal Service – It was a rough road for onr signal troops from Guinea to Japan

Tempelhof Turnover – This erstwhile symbol of Nazi air might has changed proprietors

Battling the Occupation Blues – Our men in ETO turn to education and sports to combat boredom

Model Target – How the Hollywood touch helped guide our B-29s to their targets

Lethal Sky Rockets – The background story of one of our most effective aerial weapons

Battle Honors in the Pacific – A chronology of Distinguished Unit Citations for our Pacific airmen

War Goods for War Veterans – Here’s how to get that GI item you would like to have in civilian life

Seeking Stars – This ‘point’ business, through the eyes of an awards officer