AIR FORCE 1945 10 (PDF)




This Was It – How AAF men around the world greeted the news of Jap surrender

Atomic Strike – The power of our new weapon at Hiroshima shown in photographs

Our Power to Destroy War – Future peace will depend on America’s potency in the air

Radar Bombing – No enemy target was safe from our bombers with the electronic eye

Long Legs – Distances meant nothing to our long-range Pacific fighter planes

Three Years below the Mast – How the 5th Air Force bombers smashed the Japs at wave-top level

Big Business Came to Saipan – This island’s unique assembly lines kept B-29s at peak efficiency

Flying Hotel – At war’s end, the C-99 was set to become the AAF’s biggest transport

Flying for Fun – What you should know if you’re planning to be a civilian pilot

Balikpopan – Pictorial evidence of our successful air campaign against Jap oil

le Transfer – Here was the first port of call for the Jap surrender delegation

Roving Paymaster – The finance office does some island-hopping to keep ’em paid

Berlin Post Mortem – First-hand account of how airpower helped destroy the Nazi capital

6th Air Force – It received little glory but did a big job in protecting the Caribbean area