AIR FORCE 1945 09 (PDF)


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Floating Death – Our Superfortresses perform the biggest aerial mining job in history By Maj. Milton R. Krims ….. Nick Gift – Reclaiming one of the many planes left by the Japs on Palawan ….. Guerrilla Lightning – Behind-the-lines life on Cebu with a 13th Air Force Support Party By Cpl. Harry A. Center ….. Air Disarmament, Germany – Disarming the Luftwaffe is resulting in some interesting discoveries By Capt. Charles Cooke and S/Sgt. D. J. Ingells ….. Blows From the North – The 11th Air Force and its strikes against the Jap from Aleutians bases ….. Welcome to Dulag Luft – Inside facts on the famous Luftwaffe interrogation center at Frankfurt By Capt. Eric Friedheim ….. ABC of Radar – Some basic dope on one of the War’s most important developments By Charlotte Knight ….. Aerial Mapping for Invasion – This work has proved invaluable for all large-scale Pacific landings ….. Strategic Kyushu – Its importance to Japan has made it a fertile target for our planes ….. Beachhead Caravan – Something new in radio communications equipment for invasions By 1st Lt. William E. Masses ….. Inside the Baka – Technical data and performance characteristics of this Jap suicide plane ….. Sky Flivvers – Here are your prospects of owning a light plane after the war ….. Three Years Over Europe – Special supplement devoted to airpower and its role in European victory By Maj. Arthur Gordon ….. The Private Air Force of Corporal Weinberg – How a GI used an entire Air Force to settle a personal score By Lt. Samuel W. Taylor ….. Formosa Dud of the Far East – Photos of typical blows struck against this former Jap stronghold ….. They All Meet at Hickam – This new ATC “crossroads of the world” shown in photographs ….. The Versatile B-29 – It made the grade and then some on emergency strafing missions ….. NAAFW Scholarships – There are funds available. Do you know any eligible youngsters?