AIR FORCE 1945 08 (PDF)




64 pages

Partners in Battle – A Ground Force commander’s appraisal of airpower By Lt. Gen. William H. Simpson

Blanket of Fire – Special fire bombs became a first rate Jap eradicator on Luzon By Col. Roy R. Brischetto

Life on Iwo – Pictorial evidence that this island is still no paradise for our airmen

Calling All Planes – How AACS scrambled in Burma to handle airways traffic By S/Sgt. Will Chasan

Our Pacific Airfields – Parking space for our planes is a major problem in the Jap war By Herbert Ringold

Compressibility Barrier to Supersonic Spends – Why we are still a long way from l,000 mile-an-hour flying By Maj. Robert V. Guelich

Sky Clerks – Credit for ATC’s fine service must be shared with these crewmen By Capt. Joseph D. Guess

Where Weather Is Born – Bellwethers for our very heavies are these China-based B-25s Capt. I. P. Bachmann

Some Questions and Answers on Redeployment – And how it affects the individual in the Army Air Forces

Based on Guam – Life and operations at this Superfort base shown in pictures

Progress Report on Eggbeaters – What’s new with the helicopter family here and abroad By Maj. Luther Davis

Master of the Mess – A nod toward the man behind the powdered eggs By Capt. Harry H. Ransom

Scandinavian Carpetbagger – Flying the shuttle between Scotland and Sweden By Capt. Eric Friedheim

Ask Them Another – The AAF’s answer men are the combat operations analysts By Charlotte Knight

Sting of the Scorpion – This P-51 outfit was appropriately named by the Japs

7th Air Force – The traveling 7th has taken the long road to Tokyo By T/Sgt. Don Brockell

Palawan Pushover – Picture story of what we found at this important island base

A Yank for Good Measure – How a P-5l pilot became a DFC winner by shooting down a C-47