AIR FORCE 1945 07 (PDF)




68 pages
Redeployment in the AAF – The entire weight of U. S. airpower moves against Japan

Our 30,000-Foot Periscopes – How the Superforts spot Jap shipping for our Navy to sink

Air Transport Commandos – At Okinawa the ATC was there when it was really rough

The Infantry Loves It – Air-ground cooperation makes a hit with Luzon doughfeet

Scrubbed – All planes were “grounded” at Hitler’s mountain hideaway

Wings for the Gas Turbine – How increased power and range made the jet an AAF reality

Airfield Below – Aerial reconnaissance selects our advanced airfields 

Navigating the Pacific – A veteran navigator gives some pointers on ocean flying

Turnabout to Tokyo – ETO returnees visit U. S. en route to the Pacific air war

Smashing Jap Sea Lanes – Far East Air Forces put the squeeze on Jap home islands

B-29 Flight Engineer – Introducing an important member of the Superfort flight crew

Silent Partner of U. S. Airpower – Many AAF problems are solved in NACA’s laboratories

China Checkerboard – A review and a map showing highlights of 14th Air Force operations

Last Days of an Airbase – A handful of fighters covered our airbase retreat in China

POW – Released airmen report on Nazi prisoner of war camps

It Only Has to Happen Once – The case of air superiority versus foolish overconfidence

Nazi Retreat – Air assault catches enemy rout in Italy: in pictures

Johnny, Get Your Gun-in Shape – A timely and important message on the proper care of small arms

Jap Flak – Enemy ack-ack writes finis to one of our light bombers