AIR FORCE 1945 06 (PDF)




68 pages

Beneath the Rubble of Schweinfurt – Its ruins are a monument to our strategic bombing By Capt. Eric Friedheim

Victory in Europe – How AAF men in the ETO reacted to V-E Day By Maj. Arthur Gordon

Air Strategy in Luzon – Role of the Far East Air Forces in the Philippines Campaign

Airhead – Our glider-borne troops drop in on the Rhineland

From Dusk to Dawn – Nightwork by this A-20 photo squadron was a Nazi nightmare

Tony, Nick and Oscar 2 – Presenting three fighters of the Jap Army Air Force By Capt. W. H. Cartter

From Kansas to Tokyo – A B-29 and its crew meet the enemy over Japan’s capital By Maj. Milton Krims By Maj. Milton Krims

Get Going, Gooney – The trick was to make birds of a feather fly away together

Burma RFD – Air Supply lines kept our jungle fighters going By Capt. Lawrence F. Bachmann

Growing Pains for Jet – How the supercharger helped develop the AAF’s jet engine By Maj. Robert V. Guelich

Pacific Debut – With the Mustang it was a case of mistaken identity

You’re the Umpire – How physical training helps AAF convalescents get well By Maj. Alfred Fleishman

Air Blitz Against Japan – Our Superforts strike Nip industry with fire at low level

Glip Bombing – How a 14th Air Force unit licked a bridge busting problem By Lt. Col. George W. Taylor

The Unsung AAF – These AAF warplanes shoot no guns, drop no bombs, but . ..