AIR FORCE 1945 05 (PDF)




68 pages

Rhinelaid Rendezvous – Eve-witness report of war’s greatest airborne assault By Capt. Eric Friedheim

Dodging Flak – Pointers on how to avoid enemy ack-ack By Lt. Henry W. Marshall

Drop on Corregidor – How the “Rock,” guarding Manila Bay, was taken from the air By Maj. Thomas C. Hardman

Operational Fatigue Among Returnees – A frank discussion of war neurosis in the AAF By Maj. Arthur Gordon

Pixilated P-51 – These “mad Mustangs” qualify for Section 8

Research From the Ranks – A tribute to the enlisted men of Wright Field’s GI brain trust By S/Sgt. Douglas J. Ingells

Floaters Ahoy! – Sea-going repair depots for our B-29s in the Pacific

They Map the World – Introducing the men who make AAF aerial maps possible By Herbert Ringold

For Service.

– Your authority for wearing theater ribbons and service awards

Practice Makes Perfect – Training never stops for 20th Air Force combat crews By Capt. L. P. Bachmann

This Was Cologne – Photographs tell the story of a” bomb-ruined city By T/Sgt. Roger Coster

Victory Through Salespower – Psychological Warfare fights from the sky

When in Trouble, Sound Off! – Stressing the importance of emergency radio signals

Burma Wounded – Air evacuation from the jungle – in pictures