AIR FORCE 1945 04 (PDF)


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All the Answers – Proving Ground Command tests battle theories in simulated combat ….. The B-29 – Modified by Battle – The XX Bomber Command has been making a good plane even better ….. The Shooting Star – Our newest jet fighter is living up to its name ….. Cracking Ice – The “white devil” of flying is yielding to AAF’s Ice Research Bureau ….. The Orange Flash – How the South African Air Force delivered supplies to Warsaw ….. Strike at Singapore – The B-29s wreck the world’s largest floating drydock ….. Return to Combat – FEAF’s Convalescent Training Program gets men back to duty quickly ….. Flying the Zeke 52 – This Jap fighter can’t match our own planes. Here’s why ….. Sky Scouts – Bomber pilots flying Mustangs clear the way for 8th Air Force heavies ….. Jet Threat – Our intelligence keeps a wary eye on the Nazi jet fighters ….. Airline Across Africa – ATC’s Central African Division has some peculiar problems ….. 405 – Clerk, Typist – An appreciation of the men who work hard and get little credit ….. The Beard – A picture presentation of charter members of the Hair Force ….. The Road Back to Clark Field – A picture review of the AAF’s return to an old base ….. Foxhole Medics – These portable surgical hospitals are saving thousands of FEAF lives ….. Design-Key to Air Superiority (Part II) … – The latest trends in propeller and powerplant design ….. Death of a Great Flyer – How a P-38 pilot died in an effort to save a friend ….. Dangerous April – Why air accidents in the USA reach a peak every April ….. Mud – A picture round-up of war’s greatest nuisance