AIR FORCE 1945 03 (PDF)


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Banzai at Burauen – Our “non-combat” troops on Leyte take care of Jap paratroop attacks ….. Isolating the Battlefield – The principle of blockade of enemy troops as applied by the AAF ….. The “G” Stands for Guts – After four major operations our glider pilots are riding high ….. Tac R – Tactical reconnaissance in ETO calls for sharp eyes and hot flying ….. The AAF Looks Ahead – Twelve basic principles affecting airpower and national security ….. Strike at Iwo Jima – Sketches and text about our softening up of a very strategic isle ….. Snoopers – Our night bombers in the Pacific have new methods of locating Japs ….. Bit of Heaven – An airstrip in the Dalmatians can be heaven if you’re in trouble ….. Battle Honors – A roundup of AAF unit citations from Pearl Harbor to the present ….. They’ve Got You Covered – The AACS keeps many watchful eyes on you-wherever you fly ….. Design-Key to Air Superiority (Part I) … – The men at drawing boards shape the planes of today and tomorrow ….. Shell Game – A very rugged Liberator strike at a target in a Borneo harbor ….. More Than Lucky – AAF planes are much more than lucky-they’re downright rugged