AIR FORCE 1945 02 (PDF)




The Blister Club – How some of our airmen, shot down over Europe, escaped into Switzerland. By Capt. Lawrence P. Bachmann

Back Home and Then What? – The latest word on personnel rotation, redistribution, and kindred matters. By Maj. Benjamin J. Grant, Jr.

The Care and Briefing of Fighter Pilots – The life of the S-2 of a hot fighter group is anything but dull. By Maj. David Wild

The Fighting 13th – This little-publicized Air Force is doing a great job in the SWPA. By Maj. Herbert O. Johansan

Situation Normal

– A Mustang fighter pilot takes you for a ride to Austria and back. By Lt. Bert Stiles

Shock Waves at 600 MPH – The test pilot not only saw a shock wave riding his wing, he photographed it. By Maj. Robert V. Guelich

Round Trip to Tokyo – Sketches from the notebook of our staff artist who went on the mission. By Capt. Raymond Creekmore

Antiaircraft, Partner of the AAF – These ground soldiers share the honors in enemy planes shot down. By Capt. Joseph O. Guess

Fighter Fashions – “X” fighter planes that serve as flying labs for our test pilots

Burma Bridge Busters – This squadron of 10th Air Force B-25s has racked up an amazing record. By T/Sgt. Richard M. Power

Mission to Balikpapan – A bombardier tells what it’s like to fly a B-24 into a Jap hornets’ nest. By Lt. Richard S. Reynolds

Japs Strike Saipan – These pictures prove that the Jap can still slap back and hard

The Enemy is Listening – One mistake while using your RT in combat can easily be your last. By Capt. Eric Friedheim

Save That Chute! – Your parachute can be your best friend on the ground as well as aloft

MAAF’s 332nd – A picture-reporting job on one of the Mediterranean’s oldest fighter outfits