AIR FORCE 1945 01 (PDF)




Vol. 28 No. 1

Cover: Jet Crew Chief

Articles Inside:

Target: Japan – An Air force staff member goes on the first B-29 Tokyo mission By Capt. Raymond Creekmore

Almost Too Simple – A crew chief talks about the maintenance of jet aircraft By S/Sgt. Edward T. Wallace

Into Hidden Valley – It took gliders, guts and a lot of cannibals to build this strip By Capt. Manford Susman

This Is Your Enemy…it’s your life or his

Our Air-Ground Trouble Shooters – Ground Forces in Germany turn to the ASP ( Air Support Party ) boys for air cooperation By S/Sgt. Mark Murphy

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! – Air-sea rescue in the ETO is no longer strictly a British show By Major Charles D. Fraser

Cross Country – News and Views around the World

Airlock in Italy – How tactical air power strangled the Nazis in central Italy By Brig. Gen. Lauris Norstad

They Still Have Plenty of Flak – This B-17’s last flight over Germany was plenty rough By 1st Lt. Allan H. Gillis

China Caricatures By Capt. Wm. T. Lent ( Cartoons )

Prepare to Bail Out – The technique of parachute jumping can be learned on the ground By Major Luther Davis

Technique – Development, Maintenance and Supply of Aircraft and Equipment

What It Takes – These medium bomber boys in China had it and then some By Maj. Robert B. Hotz

Special Delivery to No-Man’s Land – When the airborne army needed supplies, our C-47s came through By 1st Lt. Joseph D. Guess

Fighter Combat – More tips on tactics from some leading fighter pilots in the ETO

First Fight – A veteran fighter pilot recalls his first combat victims By Lt. Col. John D. Landers

Winterization – How the AAF combats cold weather to keep its planes flying

Shooting The Breeze

The Album – Air First Photos