AIR FORCE 1944 12 (PDF)




Back to the Philippines

( I. The GIs Come Through – drama on the strip at Leyte.

II. Our Air Task Force – how it’s organized, how it functions. )

All in the Night’s Work – Our Black Widows overseas are cutting some deadly capers after dark.

Human Pick-up – Snatch a man off the ground by plane? Here’s how it’s done.

The Careless Die Early – Listen carefully to your PEO. His advice may save your neck.

Down to Earth – The do’s and don’ts of strafing by some top ETO fighter pilots.

Striking Oil – Evaluation of a great campaign waged by our 8th and 15th Air Forces.

Portrait of a Crew Chief – He gives his fighter wings to fly and sweats it back to earth again.

Sansopor Stopover – The capture of a stepping stone to the Philippines told in pictures.

The ABC of D-Day – Statistical Control has a ready answer for a lot of tough questions.

Blood Plane – These C-47s bring life itself to wounded on the European fronts.

Demolition at Hengyang – Wrecking our own fields is a grim job, but sometimes it must be done.

Combat Express – When the fighters were running out of fuel, the bombers brought it in.

Weather or Not – These aerial weathermen reduced abortives in the MTO to a minimum.