AIR FORCE 1944 11 (PDF)




Operation: Reunion – The dramatic air evacuation of AAF war prisoners from Romania.

Combat May Make You Lazy – If you think home means your job is over, read this and think again.

Bombpower – A graphic, first-hand report of bomb damage to Nazi facilities in France.

Portrait of a Guy Thinking About an Island – A copilot gives words to the thoughts of many an airman in the ETO.

More Power To You – How our warplanes have gained a horsepower edge on the enemy.

Interception Begins on the Ground – Our enemies have high respect for AAF Fighter Control. Here’s why.

Key Men – Why radio operators must use their heads as well as their fingers.

Wear That Armor! – Flak suits may be bulky but to these men they are in the best of style.

Lifeline to the USSR – The story of battling the Arctic to dispatch planes to our Soviet Allies.

The Man with the Private Breeze – Here’s one you can take or leave, but keep your tongue in your cheek.

Night Marauders – An artist’s impressions of our first night bombing in force in the ETO.

The Air War in the Southwest Pacific – A colorful resume of air power’s role in the advance from New Guinea.

Standard Flight Instrument Panel – The new arrangement of basic flight instruments on AAF aircraft.

Patton’s Air Cavalry – It took planes to protect the flanks of the speeding 3rd Army in France.

What Becomes of Our Convalescents? – Here’s an answer that should ease a lot of minds in combat theaters.