AIR FORCE 1944 10 (PDF)




Vol. 27 No. 10

Assignment Home – General Harmon answers some important questions for combat returnees.

Air Mastery Over France – A report on our air activities during the Allied march on the Reich.

Fighter Control Nerve Center of Bottle – How our planes in Europe are sent to the right place at the right time.

Little Planes With a Big Punch – If it’s a tough job over rough territory, they give it to the Grasshoppers.

Get Wise – Take a look at these accident reports; their lessons may save your neck.

Airborne Army – Organization and potentialities of the new Allied command in Europe.

The Invasion of Noemfoor – A picture account of air operations in this Southwest Pacific action.

The B-29 and You – Expecting duty with B-29s? Here are some notes on what to expect.

Hard Facts About Income Tax – If you think military status exempts you, read this and think again.

The Pearly Gates – What happens when the combat boys enter Miami’s 36th St. Airport.

China Combat – How the 14th Air Force has taken a toll of advancing Jap invaders.

Under Pressure – The mechanical aspects of pressurization in high-altitude flying.

Flight Nurse – In a popularity contest among wounded GIs, she would win hands down.

The Philippines – Some facts for our men who will take part in the islands’ liberation.

Our Pigeon Air Force – With courage and endurance, these birds arc serving the AAF well.

Bulldozers and Bullets – 7th Air Force engineers on Saipan joined in the shooting as a sideline.

Our New Helicopters – Here are three more aircraft to add to our whirligig family.

Coconut Bombing ( How our A-20s drop their eggs from tree-top level in the SWPA.