AIR FORCE 1944 09 (PDF)


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Facing the Attack – How tactical air power was employed to soften the way for the Allied break-through in France. ….. The Men of the B-29s – Here for the first time is the story of how the AAF put the Superfortress into combat. ….. Shooting the Breeze – A hangar-flying session concerning combat capers by AAF men around the world. ….. GI Airline for the Wounded – Here is what happens to combat casualties on the last lap of air evacuation-the flight to hospitals near home. ….. Workhorse of the AAF – An operational report on the C-47; how it has served the AAF. ….. RNZAF – The role played by the Royal New Zealand Air Force in our air war against the Jap in the Pacific. ….. Call it ‘Zeke’ – How we originated our code names for Jap aircraft to permit more efficient identification. ….. Organization Chart of the Army Air Forces ….. If You’re a Wingman – What some of our veteran fighter pilots think of flying the wing position. ….. PIs Fight Beside GIs – Photo-interpretation has moved to the front lines. Here is a glimpse of the job in modern combat. ….. Notes on Women’s Activities in the AAF ….. The Law Can Help You – A summary of statutes designed to benefit the serviceman. The second of a series by the Air Judge Advocate. ….. Crash Fires, How to Fight Them – In crash fire fighting the right thing must be done in record time. Here are pointers on new fire-fighting procedures. ….. To Rome and Beyond – A picture story of recent tactical operations of the Mediterranean Allied Air Forces.