AIR FORCE 1944 07 (PDF)




Air Power in the Invasion – General Eisenhower promised that on D-day, “if you see a plane it will be ours.” That promise was made good.

The B-29 Superfortress РThe production story of the first of our very heavy bombers by the XB-29 project officer. By Col. Donald L Puff 

Whiplash from the South – Increased striking power of the 15th Air Force is described in this month’s report of the Air arm in Europe.

Our Invasion Air Force – How our 9th Air Force components were organized and trained for the big test on D-day. By Capt. Luther Davis

Navigators can’t Daydream – Overconfidence and laziness in navigation can easily result in disaster just ask the veterans.

Pitching strikes at enemy harbors in Italy

The Official Guide to the Army Air Forces

Battleground of the Air – The AAF Weather Service, Its ’round-the-world operations and Its importance to successful air and ground action.

Feeding the AAF – It takes 10,000,000 pounds of groceries a day for our big family’s three squares. By Capt. Benjamin J. Grant, Jr.¬†

Meet Burma – A glimpse of the terrain, people and weather conditions offered by this key country in our drive against the Japs.

Notes on Women’s activities in the AAF

Can You keep a Secret? – To do its job, the Office of the Air Provost Marshal must depend on every man in the AAF. By Col. H. G. Reynolds

Hollandia and the Principles of Air Blockade – Our ‘D to the 5th Power’ routine is paying big dividends in the Southwest Pacific offensive. By Capt. L. P. Bachmann

Night Owls of War – This photo-reconnaissance unit in the MTO has added plenty to the development of night aerial photography. By Maj. Arthur Gordon