AIR FORCE 1944 06 (PDF)




68 pages

Our Troop Carriers in Burma – TCC operations from India since January have established a new principle of warfare. By S/L H. B. Dickson, RAF

Air Power in the Southwest Pacific – The Commander of the Allied Air Forces in the Southwest Pacific discusses techniques and operations employed in his theatre. By Lieut. Gen. G. C. Kenney

The Conquest of Fear – An explanation of the low incidence of mental ‘crack-ups’ among our flyers in the European Theatre of Operations. By Maj. Arthur Gordon

No Rest for the Luftwaffe – Our correspondent in the ETO continues his monthly report on AAF operations over the Continent.

Crate City, U. K.

DUMBO, I Love You! – The Navy’s famous rescue planes in the South Pacific are tops in the hearts of Allied combat flyers. By Capt. L P. Bachmann

We fight with Fire – Incendiary bombs modern version of an ancient weapon pay big dividends in Allied attacks on the enemy.

Photo-reconnaissance – A one man war – Without guns or escort, our PR pilots stick their noses in the enemy’s business for vital information. By Herbert H. Ringold

Sky Quirks – Atmospheric Phenomena can pose problems for the Airman that the textbooks didn’t cover. By Lieut. H. G. Dorsey, Jr., and Lieut. Oscar Shaftel

Blasting Nazi facilities in Italy

Navigation problems in England – Our 9th Air Force navigators have many new lessons to learn before they are ready for combat over Europe. By Lieut. Ralph N. Phillips

‘Per Ardua ad Astra’ – The record of Britain’s flyers reflects the motto of the RAF ‘Through Hardship to the Stars.’

Capital Targets – A picture page of AAF strike pictures showing how Europe’s capital cities are taking a drubbing.

From Calcutta to the Hump – Transportation difficulties are the rule, not the exception, in the China-Burma-India Theatre. By Capt. C. A. Mitchell and Capt. R. V. Guelich

Portland Women Volunteers