AIR FORCE 1944 05 (PDF)




68 pages

Our Growing Mass Attack – A word and picture report on recent AAF action in the European Theatre of Operations. By Maj. Arthur Gordon

One-two-three punch – How a flight of B-26s socked three vital bridges along the Florence-Rome Railway on a single mission.

The Zero Johnny didn’t get – The best of our fighter pilots make mistakes but they know better than to make the same error twice.

U.S. Navy’s Air Operations – An explanation of the organization and combat techniques of U.S. Naval Aviation. By Ensign Oliver H. Townsend, USNR

‘Flying Submarine’ – How weather reconnaissance B-17s prepare the way for bombing attacks on Fortress Europe. By Maj. Arthur GordonĀ 

A perfect raid – Our Thanksgiving Day raid on Formosa’s Shinchiku Airdrome will long be remembered by the Japs. By Col. Clinton D. (Casey) Vincent

‘One of my Boys’ – An instructor reads a headline and recalls the tall, skinny lad he put through basic training. By Capt. N. W. Pinney, Jr.

Cornerstone for CBI Offensives – Life for the first ASC group in India was tough, but it’s paying off in striking power against the Japs. By Capt. Robert V. Guelich

Comfort with protection – Custom-tailoring the M-l helmet for maximum protection against flak with minimum discomfort. By Maj. I. Louis Hoffman

China’s invincible Airdromes – Why the worst Jap raid can’t keep an airfield in China out of commission for more than twelve hours. By Maj. Lyman B. Lockwood

Notes on Women’s activities in the AAF

Blocking Rabaul by Air – The Air pounding of Rabaul marked another step toward final victory in the battle of the Pacific. By Capt. L P. Bachmann

Survival by the Book? – The book could be wrong, so don’t let your reading interfere with your being sociable with the natives.