AIR FORCE 1944 04 (PDF)


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Air Pincers Over Europe – How our air organization in the European theatre is drawing the noose around the Luftwaffe. By Maj. Arthur Gordon ….. Hammering the Jap Midriff – A summary of air action in recent offensive thrusts against the Japs in the Central Pacific. ….. Battle Plan Against Malaria – The Air Surgeon offers advice on how to fight an enemy which can hit a military unit as hard as gunfire. By Maj. Gen. David N. W. Grant ….. Learn while You Heal – The AAF’s Convalescent Training Program means faster recoveries and a broader military knowledge for hospital patients. By Charlotte Knight ….. 24-Hour Job – This flight chief and his men work around the clock in Britain to get those battle-damaged bombers back in the air. By Maj. Bernard W. Crandell ….. Chinese-American Composite Wing – Cooperation between the two races in this 14th Air Force unit is accomplishing a diplomatic as well as a fine military job. By Capt. R. V. Guelich ….. Battle Conditioning in the U.K – The ‘big league of air warfare’ demands intense tune-up training of every member of a bomber crew. By Maj. Charles D. Frazer ….. Invasion Proving Ground for Air Power – When the AAF saved the day at Salerno, it demonstrated air power’s capabilities for the coming invasion of Western Europe. By Herbert Ringold ….. Camouflage with Horse Sense – Everyday camouflage in a combat area is pretty fundamental. It might even mean saving your neck. By Lieut. Col. M. E. DeLonge ….. Air War’s Touch in the Arctic – Sketches from the day-to-day life of our personnel on Labrador, Baffin-land and Greenland. By Capt. Raymond Creekmore ….. Wheels of the AAF – The ASC has more than 300,000 motorized units at home airfields and in the battle area; thousands more are on the way. By Lieut. Col. William B. Droge ….. Here’s where your Mail gets Action – A glimpse of the ‘family’ mail room of the Personal Affairs Division, Headquarters, Army Air Forces. ….. Time out for Rest – A periodic ‘breather’ in New Zealand does wonders for our airmen in the South Pacific theatre. By Maj. James E. Crane ….. Water Gun – This AAF unit in the Solomons employs the old squirt-gun technique for gunnery refresher training.