AIR FORCE 1944 03 (PDF)


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Our Jet Propelled Fighter – The development of jet propulsion and its future influence on the design and performance of our aircraft. ….. Central Pacific Offensive – A performance roundup on the 7th Air Force; how it serves as the strategic air arm in combined operations against the Jap. ….. So You think the Germans are giving up! – We’re beating the Nazis but their airmen still think they are going to win. Don’t help them with overconfidence. ….. Hell-Bent for Weather – A taste of combat in Sicily and Italy with Mobile Weather Unit No. 7 and a jeep named Soozie. ….. Combat Laboratory – From oxygen masks to bomber formations nearly everything in the AAF is the business cf the Army Air Forces Board. ….. The Gadget did the Trick – How the heavy bomber boys in India learned to rely on their auto-pilots for precision bombing. ….. When to use the ‘Benzedrine Alert’ – A word of advice from the Air Surgeon on the use of a most important drug in operations involving excessive fatigue. ….. No Boyer, very little Lamarr – Those dreams of babes and romance in Algiers will vanish into smelly air when you tour the grounds. ….. Combat Life with the Escorts – A little beer and a little mud go right along with day-to-day operations for a P-38 squadron in England – a picture story. ….. Servicing Our Air Assault on Europe – The 8th Air Force Service Command keeps pace with the fast-moving air war over Europe. ….. The National Association of Air Forces Women – Women’s volunteer groups in the AAF unite to formulate a present and post-war welfare program. ….. Conquerors of the Hump – The increasing tempo of 14th Air Force operations tells the success story of ATC’s India-China Wing.