AIR FORCE 1943 08 (PDF)


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General Chennault’s Fight Talk to His New Pilots ….. “Flight Strips” – Their Use in War and Peace ….. A B-24 Sets Action Aplenty in a Raid on Bizerte ….. The Story of a Bomber Pilot’s Survival in New Guinea ….. War in the Aleutians: Fighting Weather and Japs ….. Building a Chinese Air Force in the Arizona Desert ….. What Every Pilot Should Know About Traffic Control ….. Blasting the Japs on Nauru – A Story in Pictures ….. How to Keep Well in the Indian Theatre of Operations ….. Profile of a CO Whose Toughness Paid Dividends ….. Pacific Raids With B-26s – Why the Japs Don’t Like Them ….. Broadening the Scope of Third-Dimensional Photography ….. A Production Line Method for Aircraft Maintenance ….. Supplying Troops From the Sky With Cargo Parachutes ….. New Developments in Clothing For War in the Air