AIR FORCE 1943 04 (PDF)


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Battle Reports on P-38 Action in the Southwest Pacific ….. Our Antisubmarine Command Fights the Underwater Menace ….. Hunting U-Boats at Night in a B-18 Over the Caribbean ….. A Desert Island Bail-out Suggests These Survival Hints ….. Testing Your Altitude Ability in Decompression Chambers ….. The Role of Our Aircraft Warning Service in National Defense ….. The Photography Directorate Places War on Celluloid ….. Portable Radios on Life Rafts Increase Your Rescue Chances ….. What Every Airman Should Know About Map Projections ….. Compressibility – Analyzing Effects of Wave Formations ….. Explaining the Air Forces New Training Aids Unit ….. Details Behind Our Method of Teaching Aircraft Recognition ….. How to Keep Healthy in the Middle Eastern Theater