AIR FORCE 1943 02 (PDF)


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Notes on Living and Fighting Conditions in North Africa ….. Clear Thinking Saves a C-53 After a Mid-air Crash ….. An Eagle Fighter Pilot Tells of 250 Combat Hours. ….. The Troop Carrier Command, Explained by Its Leader ….. How Ingenuity Helps Training on the Salt Flats of Utah ….. Details on the Organization of the Army Air Forces ….. Health Hints for the Southwest Pacific Theater ….. Compressibility – An Explanation of Its Effect on Aircraft ….. A Bombardier’s Account of a Kiska Bombing Raid ….. Our Airmen in the Solomons – A Picture Report ….. The Role of Maps in Global War, First of a Series ….. “Gas Alert Day” at Geiger Field is Realistic ….. How Our Photo Interpreters Outwit Enemy Camoufleurs ….. The Job of a Tow-Target Pilot Is Anything But Dull ….. RAF “Train Busters” Disrupt German Rail Service