AIR FORCE 1943 01 (PDF)


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General Arnold Reports on the Air Forces After One Year of ….. A Bomber Pilot Tells of Hell Over Occupied France ….. How Ferrying Pilots Prepare for the Run to Alaska ….. Summary of Weather Conditions in North Africa ….. Technical Description of Foreign Combat Aircraft ….. General Royce Reviews Air Operations in South Pacific ….. Health Hints for the Alaskan Theater of Operations ….. Flying with the Bamboo Fleet in the Philippines ….. What to do When Forced Down in the Arctic Regions ….. Picture Story of a New Fire-Fighting Method for Airfields ….. Sentry Dogs Go on Guard Duty at Mitchel Field ….. Principles of Compressibility, Aviation’s Problem Child. ….. Army Pilot Takes a Big Bomber ( B-17 ) on Its Acceptance Flight . ….. Experiences of Our Transport Flyers in Burma ….. Learning All the Trade Secrets of Global Flying ….. An Old Sarge Finds Our Mechanics Modernized.