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Small Unit Actions, eleventh in the series of monographs on American operations in World War II, marks a departure from earlier numbers in that series. It presents, instead of a coordinated treatment of a larger operation, four detailed narratives dealing with small units which took part in such operations. Each narrative has a unity of its own, but the actions dealt with are separate and distinct, relating to four campaigns in three main theaters of war. ……. POINTE DU HOE ( 2d RANGER BATTALION, 6 JUNE 1944 ) ……. THE FIGHT ON TANAPAG PLAIN ( 27th DIVISION, 6 JULY 1944 ) ……. SANTA MARIA INFANTE ( 351st INFANTRY, 11-14 MAY 1944 ) ……. SINGLING ( 4th ARMORED DIVISION, 6 DECEMBER 1944 )