7th AAF BRIEF 1944 11 21 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 51 ……. Cover: BRIEF knows it isn’t exactly Emily Post to climb around the tail section of an airplane. But Pfc Fred Shelton was looking around for a cover shot to fit this week’s lead story, The Airman’s Battleground. Preparing to launch the radiosonde equipment are two EM, members of a Down Under weather squadron; Sgt Emory J. Kovacs, left, Caldwell, N. J., and Cpl Glenn S. Hughes, Oakland, Calif. The box Cpl Hughes is holding will transmit electrical impulses from thousands of feet in the air to be picked up by another device on the ground. ……. Articles inside this issue: Airman’s Battleground by Robert O. Frederick – photos by Lyle Strain ….. The Flying Wreck ( B-24 The Chamber Maid ) by Rex Gunn – Photos by Emil R. Morris Jr. C.C.U. ….. AAFPOA War Record by Hugh R. Floyd – Convoy Attacks – Helicopter Training – Oldest Aerial Gunner – Team Play – Aerial repair Job ….. Smoking In Outer Lobby ….. Spam Canyon – No Danger of Theft! ….. Editorial – GI Joe ….. This Ain’t the Army ….. File 13 by Cpl Roger Angell ….. Male Call by Milton Caniff … BRIEF Photo Page ….. Chatter ‘n’ Patter by Steve Chiani ….. Pvt Robert F. Romer ….. S/Sgt James D. Dolan ….. Sports by Zander Hollander ….. Just Like Home ….. This Week’s BRIEF Girl – Noel Neill …………………. 7th AAF BRIEF continues as BRIEF magazine after take over by AAFPOA