7th AAF BRIEF 1944 08 08 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 36
20 pages

.Articles inside this issue: Mariana Airdrome by Robert Price – photos by Ray Turnbull

“Hell” is at Low Level by Rex Gun – Pix by Friend

The Return of Mu – A Serial by Louis Brechemin & Robert McEnery, Chapter XIII


Plush Thorns by John W. Yolton

7th AAF War Record – Fighters on Siapan – Suicide Tactics

Ocean Trap at Nauru by Rex Gunn

D-Day for Fighters by Robert Price – photos by Ray Turnbull

Male Call by Milton Caniff

Chatter ‘n’ Patter by Steve Chiani

Mr. Muscle Man ( Cpl Pierre Kobylinski )

BRIEF Photo Page

“No Fish” story & pix – Woodside-Godfrey

Sports by Zander Hollander

Sweethearts of the Seventh

This Week’s BRIEF Girl – Acquanetta