7th AAF BRIEF 1944 04 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 19 ……. Cover: The Spirit of Easter is typified by this photo of a GI looking at the symbol of the Resurrection, the figure of Christ crucified, which has withstood the bombing of Makin, pinned between the fork of a breadfruit tree. Brief photo by Turnbull ……. Articles inside this issue: ….. Silk Packers – Acid Test By Rex B. Gunn ….. Camera Spy – Pierces Camouflage Makes No Mistakes Misses No Details. By Sgt. George Ammerman Photos by Cpl. Paul Friend ….. Letters to the Editor ….. Woodside…On Excising ….. Amen by Bud Nelson ….. Jap Lore For Airforcemen By Louis Brechemin ….. Carnival In Hawaii – An innovation in Hawaii was the exhibition of equipment demonstrations, trophies, explanatory charts, pictures, what-not held recently at APO 953, the purpose of which was to acquaint the GI with the meaning of the various outfits of the armed forces, their functions and relationships with one another, as well as with a knowledge of the enemy, and his equipment and resources. So effective was the organization of the “carnival”, and so large was the attendance, that the lime-limit was extended to almost three times the original dates planned. ( Photo Report by Turnbull ) ….. 7th AAf Bombs Wake, Ponape ….. 7th AAF Batters Truk In Night Raid ….. No Bombers Lost Says ( Gen. T. H. ) Landon ….. Brief Clicks ‘Em Down Under. Photos by Strain and Turnbull ….. Habit Harry – Gilbert Inland’s Boy ….. Chicken Ranch Photos by Strain ….. Sports ….. Fun with Ink ….. Sweethearts of the 7th ….. This Week’s BRIEF Girl – Marjorie Riordan