7th AAF BRIEF 1944 03 21 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 16

Cover: S/Sgt Gerald C. Johnson, tail gunner on a B-24 checks his guns before takeoff ( 7th AAF Photo ) ……. Articles inside this issue: ….. Brief Clicks ‘Em Down Under ….. Who Is Our Enemy by Sgt. George Ammerman ….. Showdown on Kwajalein by 7th AAF Photographer Pfc. John P. Miller ….. This Week’s War News in Brief by Hugh R. Floyd – Below Rome – Seventh AAF Again Hits Ponape, Kusaie – From Zuider Zee to Berlin – General Hale Says No Jap Planes Left East of Kwajalein – Admiralties Invaded ….. Jap Navy Loses Third of Strength ….. Letters to the Editor ….. Fox Hole Saturday Night By Lt. Alfred I. Green ….. Woodside…On Inventorying ….. Amen by Bud Nelson ….. Picture Quiz Puzzle ….. Bombs Over Ponape – 7th AAF Begins Campaign in the Carolines by Robert G. Price and Photos by Lyle D. Strain ….. Versatile Warhawks – The P-40 Turns Bomber to Further Harass the Enemy by Robert G. Price ….. Home News – Photos by Press Association Inc. ….. Personalities – Rescued by Dumbo – Airforce Sailor ….. Brief Clicks ‘Em ….. Sports ….. Fun with Ink ….. Male Call “He’ll Have To Go Through Chanel’s” by Milton Caniff ….. Sweethearts of the 7th ….. This Week’s BRIEF Girl – This lovely “Babe in the woods” is Vivian Austin of Universal Pictures Co., Inc. Just in case you would like a little more of the same don’t miss the picture “Moonlight in Vermont.”