7th AAF BRIEF 1944 02 22 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 12
Cover: “Post Graduate” – Seminar in painting is handled by Cpl. Joseph J. Kiefer ( Newark, NJ ) who makes the “Killers” planes look as tough as they really are.

Articles inside this issue:
Sweethearts of the 7th ….. Bodacious Idjit – A B-25 Which is Helping Drive the Japs Insane by Robert McEnery – Photos by Strain ….. Master’s Degree – The Story of A Post Graduate School For B-25 Crews ….. 7th AAF Has New Job by Hugh R. Floyd ….. Fierce Fighting Rages Below Rome by Hugh R. Floyd ….. Marshalls’ Casualties Are Light ….. Pacific Fleet Shells Kuriles by Hugh R. Floyd ….. Russian Massacre by Hugh R. Floyd ….. Frankfurt Is Heavily Bombed ….. Tokyo Bull ….. Valor of Infantrymen Praised by General ( Lt. General Robert C. Richardson ) ….. Letters to the Editor ….. Woodside…On Jiving ….. Jungle Lore for Castaways by Kenneth Emory ….. Nuuanu St.-Lenox Ave. Moves West – Home to 7th AAF colored aviation squadron ….. Dry Run Island ( Island for practice invasions ) ….. On the Home Front ….. Coconut Logs Make Bomb Proof Shelters by Pfc Elmer Dethlefs ….. Brief Clicks ‘Em ….. Sports ….. Entertainment – Pocket-Sized Books Serve Down Under ….. Fun with Ink ….. Male Call “I Dream Of Genii” by Milton Caniff ….. This Week’s BRIEF Girl – Miss Lei Becker