7th AAF BRIEF 1944 02 15 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 11 ……. Cover: Lovely tile baths with built-in shower and complete modern plumbing fixtures is supplied each GI upon arrival at Forward Echelon. Picture catches 7th AAFer in Cecil De Mille type boudoir. (BRIEF photo.) ……. Articles inside this issue: ….. Sweethearts of the 7th ….. The Relentless Squadron ( 44 Fighter Squadron operated from Guadalcanal, 20 Dec 1942 – 20 Mar 1944 ) ….. From Shore To Shellback – Odyssey of An Airforce Outfit Which Acquired Sea Legs on Trip South ….. Marshalls Invaded; Set Pattern For Future Pacific Strategy by Hugh R. Floyd ….. 7th AAF Has Big Role In Central Pacific Invasion by Mac R. Johnson ….. Marshall Invasion Notes By Hugh R. Floyd ….. Army and Navy Announce Jap Torture Of Americans By Hugh R. Floyd ….. Navy Bombs Wake By Hugh R. Floyd ….. Nazis Retreat In Italy Cassina Evacuated By Hugh R. Floyd ….. Jungle Lore for Castaways by Kenneth Emory ….. Letters to the Editor ….. Amen by Bud Nelson ….. Woodside – On Bucking ….. Washing Machines Grow by Pvt. James D. Carmichael ….. What are the MARSHALLS? – A GI’s Guide To Japan’s “Former” Pacific Plum by Lt. Maston M. Jacks ….. Local Boy by Hugh Floyd ….. Evolution Of A Sweetheart – Follow Your Gal – From “Wallet” to “Sweetheart Page” ….. Personnelities – Ex-Minkman – Past Catches Up – Five Is Too Many – Just Desserts – Coals for Newcastle – Sack King ….. Brief Clicks ‘Em ….. Sports ….. On the Home Front ….. Fun with Ink ….. This Week’s BRIEF Girl – is one brought back by popular request. She’s already been a BRIEF girl (Jan. 11th issue). Now we present Miss Ramsay Ames in a different mood. But no less appealing. ( Universal photo )