7th AAF BRIEF 1944 02 01 (PDF)




February 1, 1944     Vol. 1, No.9     20 Pages

Front Cover: Weather observers prepare to release balloon which measures wind currents and velocity. The balloon’s flight is followed visually by means of a telescope. (Photo by APO 953 Base Photo Lab.)

Back Cover: Marilyn Maxwell is this week’s vitamin GG 1. Guaranteed to help the fighting man relax. (ANS Photo).

Articles in this issue:

Sweethearts of the 7th
(Charlotte Toomey and Cpl. Leonard Mondi, Mrs. Charles Agnew and Pvt. Charles Agnew, Joanie Glenicki and Sgt. Dominic Santucci, Beverly Jean Whisler and Cpl. Eugene Whisler, Mary Lynn Wallace and Cpl. Robert M. Wallace, Bessie Maurice and Sgt. Roger Maurice, Rita Mary Nugent and Pvt. John R. Nugent, EDNA Lange and Sgt. Percy Neufeld, Julia Carol Pastela and Pvt. Robert L. Farabaugh, Helen (Harley) Wilson and Sgt. Lester Ellis)

Gen. Hale Reports
By Sgt. George R. Ammerman
(Dick Haller INS correspondent)

Weather Station
How The Sky Prophets Contribute To The Success Of Every 7th AAA Aerial Mission

This Week’s War News in BRIEF
By Hugh R. Floyd



     General News…

These Russian Town Names

Jungle Lore for the Castaways
By Kenneth Emory

Letters to the Editor

Wire Photos
By Press Association Inc.
(Constance Moore, Rosemary LaPlanche, Edgar Kennedy, Margaret Welch)

By Bud Nelson

woodside . . . On Assimilating

Picture Quiz Puzzle

Air Strip To Order
Story by Eugene Brien and Photos by 7th AAF

On the Home Front

     A Study In Devotion

     Record Smashed

     Who Had the Brains?

     They Oughta Be Hung (George Imperial)

     Another Resurrection (Eugene Healy, Thomas Marshall)

     Sauce for the Goose

     Daily Racing Sheet (Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Sheeley)

     1500 Witnesses (Larry Sharp)

Farewell to Munich
By Louis Brechemin


     One Jump Ahead (Lt. Henry Spitzer, Capt. M. E. Martin, 1st Lt. Irene Etchison)

     Versatile Athlete (Cpl. Donald B. Herndon)

     Gertie’s Sick (Cpl. Bill McGeagh)

Brief Clicks ‘Em
(Gen Marshall, Photo by K. Brignol and Pfc Edwin Frederick and T/Sgt. Tames Moyer, BRIEF photo)


     Who, What, Where?

     Amen, Brother (Bill Flynt and Joe Wick)

     Break For The GI’s (Judge Landis)

     Baseball’s Leading Actor (“Bobo” Newsom)

     Cardinals, Champs of APO 953
     (Pvt. Raymond O’Donnell, Sgt. Charles C. Weaver, Sgt. Harry M. Karp, Cpl. Leon J. Thomas, Cpl. William J. Geraghty, Cpl. Cpl. Harwood M. Schwartz, Sgt. Vernon C. Brinkman, Pvt. Charles L. Griffith, Sgt. Melvin Greenberg, 1st Lt Jacob Richards, S/Sgt.. William Johnson. and Cpl. Byron H. Clapp)

     Bowling Center at APO 959 (Cpl. Pearl E. Dooley)

     Connie Mack Carries On

     National Sports

     Bombers Split
     7AAF “Bombers” and Wong’s AC
     (Rozer, Brinkman, Greenberg, Geraghty, Grossman, Richards, Savarese, Nosemicz, Noranos, LeBrasseaux, Bewick, and Kirby)

     Spot Boxing Results
     (Julie Kogon, Harry Hitlain, Lester Young, Julio Gallucio, Cecil Hudson, Van McNutt, Henry Chmielewski, George Horne, Beau Jack, Lulu Constantino, Joe Peralta, Bob Montgomery)


     Strike Up The Band
     (Maj. Gen Willis Hale, W.O. Wallace A. Modjeska, T/Sgt. David E. Roberts, Al Pearce, Meredith Wilson, S/Sgt. John Reckas, Sgt. John Murray, Sgt. Frank Turville, Sgt. Duncan Morrisson, Lt. Col. H. B. Simpson)

Fun with Ink

Male Call
By Milton Caniff

This Week’s BRIEF Girl – Marilyn Maxwell