Luftflotte West 1942 05 29 nr 21 (PDF)



The look of the FW 200; photo by war correspondent Raeder
Comrades: Do 24 in endless flight to search for survivors; text by war correspondent Robert Vaeth, photo by Hoss
Airplane crew hands: from the pilot to the tail gunner; photos by war correspondent Lysiak
Replacing and repairing damage uniforms and shoes; Bekleidungslager and die Bekleidungswerkstaetten; photos by war correspondent Genzler
Various photo of German troops in Africa; fighter planes; Fessan Oase; photos by war correspondent Dettmann and Zwilling
Creation and design of anti aircraft weapons; Das Erhardtsche Panzerautomobil, Die Krupp 6.5cm Bak
Wooden landscapes of Bayer; text by Siegfried von Vegesack
Der Hinterknabe by Johan Gottfried Herder
Two Luftwaffe soldiers holding Lambs; photo by war correspondent Winkel
Air recon photo of Kertsch
Photos from homeland, a baby on a scale