5th Infantry Division – 11th Infantry Regiment – European Theater July 1945 (PDF)



160 pages + roster

History of the Eleventh Infantry
Northern France
The Battle for Metz
The Forts – Entry of the Reich – The Ardennes
Second Battalion at Forts St. Quentin and Plappeville
Third Battalion’sĀ PenetrationĀ of the Reich
January’s Action
Breaching of the Siegfried Line
History of the 11th Infantry from 19 February
The Rhine Crossing and Action at Frankfurt
The Ruhr Pocket and Final Actions
Training at Custer
France, Areville, Metz
Scenes at Angur, Chartres, and Fontainebleau, France
Scenes in the ETO
Then, The Good Ole Training at Camp Campbell, Ky

Officers of the 11th Infantry Regiment
Roster of Members of the 11th Regiment

Caumont – St. Lo Area
Angers Area
Chartres Area
Fontainbleau Area
Metz Area
Saarlouis – Lauterbach Area
Beaufort – Bitburg Area
Second Moselle Rhine Crossing Area
Rhine Crossing – Frankfurt Area
Ruhr Pocket Area
Occupation Area