462nd Bombardment Group – Hellbird War (PDF)




122 pages
The story of the Hellbirds is the story of the B-29 Superfort, its debut and development as the most efficient strategic weapon to be employed by any military organization in the world. The chapters of this history tell a story, not only of the lives, the travels and the activities of men drawn from the comfortable surroundings of civilian life into the turmoil of war, but also of the many problems solved by these men and of their untiring efforts to prove the Superfort the most powerful weapon of the American Armed Forces. The B-29 project, launched at a time when a Superfort was still a novelty and gratifying success in two simultaneous accomplishments: the “de-bugging” of the Superfort and the proving of its power and effectiveness as a combat weapon.

Publication Date: 1944

Keywords: United States Army Air Forces, World War II, 462nd Bombardment Group, 770th Bombardment Squadron, 769th Bombardment Squadron, 768th Bombardment Squadron, 13th Photo Lab


Comments: Includes Aircraft Crew and Group Rosters with Photos