44th Tank Battalion – Tank Tracks – Tennessee to Tokyo (PDF)




44th Tank Battalion               104 Pages     W/Rosters
Tank Tracks
Tennessee to Tokyo





The 44th Comes Into Existence

Victory In ’44 by The 44th

Our Life in New Guinea

South Pacific Clean-Up

“B” Company On New Guinea

Admiralty Islands Or “Philippines, Here We Come”

The Leyte Campaign Or “We Dug Our Fox Holes Willingly”

„A” Company On Leyte

Tunga Area

The Luzon Campaign

     Liberation of Santo Tomas University

Southern Luzon

“C” Company On Luzon

Summary Of The Luzon Campaign

Sweating It Out

Occupation Of Japan


Honor Roll

Decorations Received

Official Commendations

Special Commendation

Assignments And Attachments

Officers Commissioned In the Field

Command, Staff, And Company Commanders

Company Commanders / Rosters

Might Of the 44th
By George A. Meninno

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